I just enabled that formspring thing that’s so popular so that people can ask me questions if they have any and do it anonymously, if they so desire, or ask normally! Feel free to use this if it’s of interest.

Meanwhile, I am having a lovely summer with my friends over at, and there is a current flurry of great posts about all manner of pop culture stuff. I have a couple in the queue and I’m working on another even as you read this, so it’s going pretty well. I’m still around LiveJournal, if you know me there, so I might just start posting different stuff like audio posts over there. Just a thought.

Meanwhile, if you just stumbled into this blog, please say hello and tell me a little bit about yourself! I’m always pleased to meet interesting and worthwhile people like you! And feel free to follow me on twitter –

Unless you’re a bot, or only talk about Justin Bieber, or are only interested in how to get more followers, I’ll likely return the favor!


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