A Treatise on Doing Something

It is extremely easy to get bogged down in the day to day drudgery of life… the fact that you may not look exactly like you want to look. The fact that you may not have the right amount of money for what you would like to do.

But really, how factual are these excuses? Would you really not set foot outdoors for these reasons? Seriously. How much money do you need to take a walk?

Create Opportunity. What are the chances that something wonderful will happen to you sitting at home and watching television? Sure, there is the occasional Publisher’s Clearing House sweepstakes visit, but aren’t the odds just as good if you walk down to the drug store and buy a lottery ticket? Plus, you have the added chance that through an interaction you might make a new friend (meet a new hottie), be helpful to someone else, or just excercise.

Sometimes just moving around is enough to get people out of the doldrums. Why not try it? There’s something positive about a person who is willing to smile and be friendly. Something good is bound to happen! Maybe not the first time, but you have to start there.

Another great thing is to try something you aren’t that good at… like rollerblading, skydiving or free range chicken wrangling. That way, someone will have to help you learn! See? Instant communication with other human beings.

Maybe you could be a stand-up comic, like me? Or you could try your hand at singing karaoke. Sounds tempting, doesn’t it?

For cheap laughs, go to a drug store candy counter and advise people what sorts of snacks they should get. Kit Kats or Twix? The debate begins!

The point is, anything is better than sitting at home. ANYTHING.


I can’t wait to hear what you did on Sunday.


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