Why Men Hate Shopping

When we are children, there is the issue of shopping. Clothing to purchase.

Typically we are taken shopping by the female parental role model. Why? Because men hate shopping and don’t have any skills or interest in it.

If you are a girl child on a shopping excursion, things are good. You are “shown the ropes” of shopping, generally. You are coddled and made to feel like a little princess. Time is taken, items are fawned over, a fashion show is held and you are the star!

If you are a boy child on one of these freak shows, it’s insane. You are dragged from store to store kicking and screaming. You are forced to put on a bunch of ugly clothing that some half wit designer made and even your guardian thinks this is tiresome. The patience level is that of a tse-tse fly. There are no choices given to boys, they get the first thing that fits and out. Anything to end the unpleasantness.

Is there any wonder why men really have no concept of proper shopping technique?

I was reminded of this when I went to Bloomingdale’s today. I strolled into the men’s department and I found nothing that I wanted to buy. There were tons of pastel shirts and big stripes, designer jeans that were more appropriately called dungarees. Cotton pants in GI military colors, with 37 pockets up and down the legs.

It seems that whomever designed the set up of these men’s departments… isn’t a man. Or, wasn’t a man who went through what most men went through. Otherwise, shopping wouldn’t be a case of hide and seek. Then again, perhaps this is the issue. Put out stuff that isn’t selling and make that available everywhere. The men break down out of frustration and grab that 195 dollar Hilfiger shirt with the floral print.

So I wandered around the selling floor, examining what sort of style I wanted to convey. Should I go homeboy with the Sean John collection? It seemed a bit warm to wear a running suit, especially in rust, though ivory was not a reasonable alternative.

Of course, I left empty-handed.

Maybe I’ll try again tomorrow, or next week.


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