Frequently Unanswerable Questions…

Don’t mind my ruminating. I’m sure it’s probably not worth your time.

How do you know… ANYTHING?

I mean, life is a big ol’ ball of weirdness, filled with moments of joy and sadness. Emotion, fact, need, want.

Is there some great “plan?” And if there is, who’s in charge of it? Decisions… do they really matter?

Astrology. Numerology. Tarot. I Ching. Runes. Magic 8 Ball. Ouija Board. Webster’s Oracle. Can they be trusted? Or perhaps the person using the divination device is the one who needs the check.

Does sleeping longer permit more dreams? And if so, is that why older people don’t need to sleep as long, since they don’t have as many dreams left?

If the Earth is a classroom, and we’re here to learn lessons, then where do we go when we’ve learned ’em?

If UFOs and such exist, why would they want to come here… the “Waffle House” of the Universe?


Why does anyone think they have everything figured out?

I’m sure there’s more, but that’s enough for the moment.


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