So, I’ve been around WordPress for exactly one season, Summer… now entering Autumn. And so far, I’ve gotten exactly one comment on this blog.

Now, granted, this isn’t something I care that much about. But I know, thanks to the stats function, that people are coming here, looking at my posts and leaving. So, I guess I wonder who you are and how you found your way to here.

I suspect some of visits are from the very nice people I write with on which is where I’ve been doing my best writing (or my best writing that you can see right now). Perhaps it’s some of the visitors to that blog who click on my name as they read either a post or a comment I left in that blog. And now I have a little link on ifrymineinbutter with the cartoon face of me created by brilliant artist Dan Gonzalez who I first crossed paths with on LiveJournal.

My problem with WordPress is exactly what I expected: it’s not quite as social as LiveJournal. Now, I know and understand that, in some way, it’s more due to the fact that blogging has changed drastically since 2001, when I joined the blogosphere (which was not vetted with that term until years later). And that the WP blog arrangement doesn’t quite lend itself to the social structure that LJ’s did. So my lament really isn’t about the people that come to read and then leave, it’s really about the changes that have happened and, okay, the lack of interaction.

The interaction is where ideas are sprung, and it’s in the conversations that always created new views and better handles on things. That’s where the term “Thinkpost” came from… I would post about something I was mulling over, and throw it open to people who read it, they’d have their say, and that created the dialog that provided even more thoughts.

Maybe that way of thinking or posting has gone the way of LiveJournal itself? Well, everything is a phase.

I would ask if you have visited here, and something you read here inspired you, made you think, made you mad, made you laugh, just say hi! You don’t have to create some response (unless you actually want to) I’m just trying to know and understand what’s going on around WP and so far, one comment in one season isn’t helping me focus my attention on what I should be talking about!


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