For My Stalkers Only!

A brief dossier of facts about me, as a follow up to that last “lookalike” post:

Height: 6′ 1″
Hair Color: dark brown with single hairs of unique color
Eye Color: dark brown
Eye Color of Choice: my eyes are fine with me!
Writing Hand: Left

Nervous Habits: I rub my lips sometimes.
Do you bite your nails? Never did that.
Are you double jointed? No. But that would have come in handy at Clown College!
Can you roll your tongue? No.
Can you blow smoke rings? Don’t know. I’ve never smoked.
Can you blow spit bubbles? Of course!
Can you cross your eyes? Certainly!

On the average, how much money do you carry in your purse/wallet? Probably about twenty.
What jewelry do you wear 24/7? I wear no jewelry of any kind at all, currently.
What’s the sexiest article of clothing on a girl? Open toed stiletto heels.
Favorite Piece of Clothing: I have a button down Arrow shirt that never needs ironing. Cool.
Pajamas: n/a

Do you wind your spaghetti or cut it? You twirl it on the fork! That’s why you get served a spoon with it!
Have you ever eaten Spam? Many years ago!
How often do you brush your teeth? As soon as possible after dining.
How often do you shower/bathe? mornings.
How long does your shower last? Depends on my mood. If I’m feeling down, the shower is much longer!
Hair drying method: Air dry. It dries very quickly.
Have you ever colored/highlighted your hair? Never, but I’m starting to consider this concept.
What colors has your hair been? light brown, dark brown, cranberry, gray, white, silver.
If that fountain of youth existed, would you drink from it? Sure. Who wouldn’t want to stay young?

Do you swear? rarely!
Do you ever spit? I don’t have the ability. It’s related to that “can’t roll the tongue” thing.

Actor/Actress: It’s very tough to select just a few. I like different ones for different reasons! Maybe I’ll do a post about this.
Food: I’m not that big on talking about food… I’d say I’m in the mood for grilled salmon from Veritas right now.
Month: May. Is there any place on the planet that isn’t at least pleasant in May?
Day: Friday
Cartoon: Daria (now that I own the entire series, albeit without the original music soundtrack)!
Shoe Brand: Timberland and Rockport are what I wear, mostly.
Subject in school: Obviously English, history, sociology.
Color: Navy blue
Person to talk to online: whomever wants to talk to me, not that I IM that much.
Sport: To play: softball, is bowling a sport? To watch: NBA, NFL, MLB and March Madness: NCAA basketball tourney.
Body part on/in you: Yeah. My hair.
Movie: So many! I could do a separate post about this, too.
Holiday: Thanksgiving
Magazine: New York
Vacationing Spot: Florence, Italy. I’m ready to move there!
Thing To Do In The Summer: Shakespeare In The Park and/or go to the shore/theme parks.
Thing To Do In The Winter: read and write
TV Station: HBO (Boardwalk Empire, Bored To Death, Eastbound and Down!)

The CD Player: My friend Mighty Kate’s CD, And whatever I’m digitizing to add to my mp3s.
Person you talk most on the phone with: My mom.
Ever taken a cab? I’m a New Yorker!
Do you regularly check yourself out in store windows and mirrors? Um… no!
What color is your bedroom? eggshell
Do you use an alarm clock? only occasionally. I only sleep for 6 hours at a time anyway, so there’s usually not a problem with this.
Name one thing you are obsessed with: I’m not currently obsessed, but I’m always looking for a reason to be!
Ever sunbathed nude? No
Window seat or aisle?: Aisle usually, unless it’s a flight to a place I haven’t been before with some great aerial views…

What’s your sleeping position? Left side, not quite on stomach, right hand holding chin, right leg bent at the knee.
Even in hot weather do you use a blanket? no.
Do you snore? If I’m lying on my back, yes.
Do you sleepwalk? No
Do you talk in your sleep? I’ve been told yes.
Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? not in years.
How about with the light on? No
Do you fall asleep with the TV or radio on? I have, but I try not to let this happen because that always bleeds into the sleeping and makes for very bizarre dreams.

Now, have questions you want to ask me?

Do it anonymously if you want to add a sense of mystery to it.


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