Yankees 2010

So, I am a bit caught up in the baseball season right now, as the Yankees are in the Playoffs. So far, so good, as they have beaten the Minnesota Twins in games 1 and 2 of their American League Division Series, at Target Field. Now the action shifts back to NYC where the Bronx Bombers host tonight’s game 3. If they win, the series is over. If the Twins win, there will be a game 4 Sunday night.

It’s been something of an exciting season, though a bit frustrating at times, but when the postseason begins, it’s like a clean slate and what you do there is what really matters. the Yankees were the “wild card” team, which means they have to play each series starting on the road (including the World Series this year, if they get that far, because the National League finally won the All-Star game in July). So the experience of this year’s postseason is somewhat different from last year’s. But that doesn’t mean the results won’t turn out the same. After the first two games in the various series around MLB, three of the teams have 2-0 leads: The Yankees, Rangers and Phillies (who also had their ace pitcher Roy Holliday toss a no hitter at the Cincinnati Reds as part of it) are all on the brink of moving on to their respective Championship series.

But it’s way too early to be concerned about those other teams. What matters tonight is that we get that third victory, finish off this series and then sit back and see where we’ll have to travel to when the ALCS begins… will it be Arlington, TX or St. Petersburg, FL?


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