I began blogging in March, 2001 on the LiveJournal site. That blog is still my online journal home and you can find it at:


Unfortunately, unless you have a LiveJournal account and have me as a friend, you can’t read any of it. Sorry! But that’s where a lot of my life story is told, and unless I trust you enough, you’ll have to settle for the very fine things you’ll see in this blog.

I actually have the “penpusher” blog here on WordPress as well, but somehow, I couldn’t quite bring myself to use it. So, I created this slightly altered identity. I hope to post some interesting stuff in this journal, including the best of my “thinkpost” entries throughout my nearly ten years on LiveJournal. Thinkposts are just conceptual ideas, theories I may have had about a particular topic or things I’ve been wondering about but not that clear about… hence the “think” part of it. The post is the response and dialog that happens from it! I had some really great discussions about some pretty intriguing topics over at LJ, so maybe that might happen here. Stay tuned for that.

I originally came to WordPress because of a blog writing project I was doing. Now that I am no longer a part of that project, as of December 2010, I haven’t done much here. I’ll try to update when I can!


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